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 About Us

Tower Records is a leading specialist in Music, DVD, Books and Games Retailer based in Dublin and is wholly Irish owned by Records and Discs Ltd since July 2003. We are a licenced franchise of MTS Inc. (U.S.)

The company has two stores in Dublin on Dawson St and in the Easons Store on O'Connell Street

Dawson St Opening Hours

Monday to Wednesday 9am-7pm

Thursday 9am to 9pm

Friday/Saturday 9am to 8pm

Sunday 11am to 7pm

O'Connell Street Opening Hours

Monday to Wednesday       8.00am - 6.40pm
Thursday                         8.00am - 8.40pm 
Friday                             8.00am - 7.40pm 
Saturday                         8.00am - 6.40pm 
Sunday                           12pm - 5.40pm 

We are dedicated to supporting local music talent and to offering customers access to the widest possible range of Music, DVD, Books and Games.

We regularly have live instore events and signings, which is a mixture of headline acts and local talent.

Unlike many music and DVD retailers we also stock a range of formats not widely available such as Vinyl, Dual Disc, DVD Audio, and Super Audio CD etc.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us

Dawson St                                                                dmwicklow@towerrecords.ie Tel No 671-3250

Easons O'Connell St                                                dmeasons@towerrecords.ie Tel No 878-6680

General Enquiries to                                                info@towerrecords.ie

Display & Window Bookings & POS              ronanm@towerrecords.ie

Please NOTE there is a detailed rate card for windows & in-store POS  available on request.

Irish & International Independent

Consignment Applications

Bulk/Special Orders[Libraries]Stock Ordering  Paula Cullen  paulac@towerrecords.ie

Communications & Marketing

Events/Festivals/Partnerships/Cross Promotional

Enquiries  Danielle Graham            e-mail danielle@pressup.ie

Media        Danielle Graham            e-mail danielle@pressup.ie

Marketing Danielle Graham           e-mail danielle@pressup.ie

Branding  Garvan C Smyth         e-mail gcs@pressup.ie


International PA enquiries   Danielle Graham   e-mail danielle@pressup.ie

Irish PA enquiries                   Danielle Graham   e-mail danielle@pressup.ie

Monthly Indie Irish Showcase

Applications                              Danielle Graham  e-mail danielle@pressup.ie

Please submit link to band information music & release dates for singles,EP'S or albums

when applying.

PA & Technical enquiries   Simon Dowling  e-mail simonfrancisdowling@gmail.com


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