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Please do not forget to always check your bulk/spam folders if this e-mail does not reach your inbox. If you have a "safe senders" list then please add us (info@towerrecords.ie) to that list to ensure this e-mail gets to you.

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To ensure that email communications are not sent to your Hotmail Junk Email folder, you can add the newsletter email address or domain (A domain is the portion of the email address that comes after @ -- e.g. @ towerrecords.ie) to your Hotmail Safe List.

  1. Go to the Options page. (upper right of screen)
  2. On the left side of the page, click Mail, and then click Junk Email Protection.
  3. Click on Safe List.
  4. Type the domain, towerrecords.ie, and then click Add.
  5. Click OK.

AOL 7, 8

To ensure that you receive email communications, place an email ID in your AOL 'Address Book'. Here's how:

  • Go to Keyword Mail Controls
  • Select the screen name to which the newsletter is sent (e.g. "HomeBiz Tip E-Mag")
  • Now choose 'Customize Mail Controls' For This Screen Name
  • For AOL 7.0, include in the section, "exclusion and inclusion parameters", the domains from which emails are sent: towerrecords.ie
  • For AOL 8.0, choose "Allow mail from AOL Members and addresses listed"
  • Type: towerrecords.ie
  • Click Add.
  • Choose "Ok" displayed at the bottom.

AOL 9.0

The best way to ensure that you will receive your email communications is to place an email ID in your "Person I know" buddy list. All mail you receive from this email ID will pass through the filters. So, make sure that when you join one of our listservs, it is ADDED to your buddy list.


Yahoo mail uses combination of bulk mail folders and filters. If you are not receiving any of your email communications, check your "Bulk Mail", locate the filtered email communications, and choose "this is not Spam," next to the "From" field.

Or to create filter for your email communications:

In Yahoo mail, click the "Mail Options" link on the top-right navigation bar, and then choose "Filters" located on the left side of the page, under the Spam column.

To create a new filter, click the "Add Filter" link on the Filters page.

  • Choose the field you want to match in the incoming message. For example, select the one of the following headers: From, To/Cc, Subject, or Body to match.
  • Choose the criterion by which you want a match to be made. For example: contains, ends with.
  • Enter the text string to compare. For example: towerrecords.ie.
  • Choose the destination folder to which you would like the message delivered. For example: Online Commincations. Note you can create a folder by selecting [new folder].
  • If you have more than one filter, you'll also see "up" and "down" arrrows to the right of the filter list. Use these buttons to select the placement of your new filter within your existing sequence of filters. Filter order is important because Filter 1 will be the first filter applied to an incoming message, Filter 2 will be the next, and so on until a match is made or all filters are passed. If no filters match an incoming message, it will be delivered to your inbox.

Be sure to click the "Add Filter" button to put your new filter into effect, after you've selected a folder in which to file the email.

Online Help for Yahoo Mail:



Outlook 2003:

Setting Junk Email Filters in Outlook 2003

In Outlook 2003, the Junk Email Filter is turned on by default. The first time Outlook 2003 moves a message to the Junk Email folder, it will notify you with a dialog box.

To change junk email settings in Outlook 2003:

  • On the Tools menu, select Options.
  • In the Options dialog box, in the Email section, click Junk Email.
  • Choose the level of junk email message protection you want. Click OK.

To add a sender to your Safe Senders List:

  • Right-click on a message from the sender.
  • Point to Junk Email, and click on the Safe Senders tab.
  • Click on Add button and type: towerrecords.ie
  • Click on all OK buttons until you read the main Outlook window

Outlook 2003 Online Help:


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