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 Mazzy Star - So Tonight That I Might See
Mazzy Star - So Tonight That I Might See

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Combining the considerable talents of guitarist Dave Roback (Opal, Rain Parade) and Hope Sandoval's sultry, heavy-lidded vocals, Mazzy Star fuses blues, country, and pulsing acoustic folk in a dark psychedelic mix that recalls the Velvet Underground and The Doors. The group's highly textured, atmospheric sound emerged glittering and fully formed on the debut SHE HANGS BRIGHTLY, surprising listeners of "underground" music with its moody yet accessible mix.
SO TONIGHT THAT I MIGHT SEE sticks close to the ground staked out by its predecessor, though with no less success. "Wasted" moves insistently down the twelve-bar road to nuanced, snarling guitar embellishments. "Blue Light" is smoky, blue-eyed (if black-hearted) soul. Of particular note is the cover of Arthur Lee's "Five String Serenade", graced with lilting cello and tambourine accompaniment. Roback's electric/lysergic guitar explorations and Sandoval's blusey, lazily erotic sigh weave a deeply evocative spell, making SO TONIGHT a perfect 2:00AM album.

Track Listings
Discs 1
1)Fade Into You
2)Bells Ring
3)Mary Of Silence
4)Five String Serenade
5)Blue Light
6)She's My Baby
9)Into Dust
10)So Tonight That I Might See

  • Rock/Pop

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