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 Chieftains - Celtic Wedding
Chieftains - Celtic Wedding

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Though associations with pop musicians such as Jackson Browne, Van Morrison, and many others have established The Chieftains as one of the premier traditional ensembles in Ireland, it's their dedication to exploring the depths of the Celtic culture that best proves their musical worth and skill. The focus in CELTIC WEDDING is on Breton wedding traditions.
Highlights of this 1986 release include "Dans Mod Koh A Vaod", an old fashioned dance that was known only in the small town of Baud, France, and which has not been performed since around 1950. The pivotal 20-minute title track is a medley of processional and recessional marches, hymns, and various celebratory dances. A thorough and well-researched album, CELTIC WEDDING is as insightful as it is enjoyable.

Track Listings
Discs 1
1)Dans Mod Koh A Vaod
2)Breton Carol
3)Dans Tro Fisel
5)Dans Bro Leon
6)Heuliadenn Toniou Breizh Izel
7)Ev Christr 'ta Laou
9)Celtic Wedding
10)Boked Eured
11)Evit Mont D'ar Vourc'h
12)Evit Mont D'an Iliz
13)Adoromp Holl
14)A Di Da Di Goude An Oferenn
15)Ton Ar C'hezeg
16)Distro D'an Ti Feurm
17)Dans Kost Er C'hoad
18)Evit Mont Ouzh Taol
19)Son Ar Rost
20)An Abadenn Dans
21)An Dro
22)Soubenn Al Laezh
23)Ton Kenaud

  • Irish > Irish Folk Music

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