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 Amos,tori - Tales Of A Librarian
Amos,tori - Tales Of A Librarian

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First anthology from one of the most interesting artists in modern popular music is a good introduction to her stark and powerful dissection of sexual politics. Features tracks from her five Atlantic studio albums, including 'Silent All These Years', 'Crucify', 'Cornflake Girl', 'Winter', the harrowing 'Me And A Gun' and the massively popular but hugely misrepresentative Armand Van Helden club mix of 'Professional Widow', as well as four new songs. This limited version boasts a DVD containing five extra tracks.

Track Listings
Discs 1
1)Precious Things (reworked version)
3)Silent All These Years (reworked version)
4)Cornflake Girl (reworked version)
5)Mary (re-recorded version)
6)God (reworked version)
7)Winter (reworked version)
8)Spark (reworked version)
9)Way Down (reworked version)
10)Professional Widow (reworked version)
11)Mr Zebra (reworked version)
12)Crucify (reworked version)
13)Me And A Gun (reworked version)
14)Bliss (reworked version)
15)Playboy Mommy (reworked version)
16)Baker Baker (reworked version)
17)Tear In Your Hand (reworked version)
18)Sweet Dreams (re-recorded version)
19)Jackie's Strength (reworked version)
20)Snow Cherries From France

Discs 2
1)Pretty Good Year (live video track/DVD)
2)Honey (live video track/DVD)
3)Northern Lad (live video track/DVD)
4)Putting The Damage On (remixed 5.1 audio/DVD)
5)Mr Zebra (remixed 5.1 audio/DVD)

  • Rock/Pop

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