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 Tower Sound Bites Cafe Click here for a taste!

It has finally happened....Tower Records has introduced its first cafe - Tower Sound Bites Cafe!
Located first floor on Tower Records Wicklow St, not only is this a cool, comfy cafe, the food is unbelievably delicious...some might say there's a real "mammy's" touch to it!

You can find dishes like a classic "half and half" (half soup + half sandwich), homemade stews, pies, quiches, salads plus scrumptious homemade desserts.

It is open from 9am in the morning all day...serving breakfast, lunch and dinner.

We also offer a daily specials board, with great value seasonal and 
local produce! Please drop in!
Breakfast Mon to Fri until 12.30pm sat & sun all day: 
Free range eggs & soldiers - E3.50 
Mushrooms on toast - E4.50 
Bacon Butty - E4.50 
Sausage rolls - E4.50 
porridge, nuts & honey - E4 
Granole, togurt and fruit compote - E5.50 
Baked eggs with Chorizo & pepper or spinach and parmesan - E6.50 
1/2 & 1/2 lunch special (soup & sandwich) E6.30 
Afternoon special: Pot of tea x2, Foccacia and dips (hummus, pesto & 
sundried tomato pesto) & 2 cinnamon & apple cupcakes E9.50 
Special of the Day - E8.50 - Hotpot or stew (changes daily) 
Salads, quiche and pizza 
Vegetarian options. 
Homemade cakes 
Scones & Jam - E3 
Brownies - E3.50 
Cinnemon buns - E2.50 
Carrot Cake - E3.50 
Apple Pie - E4.20 
Bakewell Tart - E4.20 

Delicious La Coste red, white and rose wine is now available!

For all you busy little bees take out is an option!
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